To ensure that the health and well-being of all children and staff at The Cottage Kindergarten are protected.


To prevent transmission of infection to other children or staff.


> In the event of a child becoming ill during the day they will be made comfortable in an area isolated from the other children while being monitored by a staff member. The isolation area is in the staffroom. A blanket is kept under the bed for warmth and comfort, and a sheet for hygiene is to be placed on the mattress, which is wiped down after use. In case of vomiting a clean basin is kept under the bed.
> Family/whānau will be informed immediately and asked to make arrangements for their child to be collected as soon as possible.
> Family/whānau are requested to keep unwell children at home.
> In the case of a serious illness, staff will seek immediate medical advice or treatment and family/whānau will be contacted.
> If the illness is an infectious disease the exclusion policy procedure will be followed.

An individual health management plan will be developed in consultation with parents and the child’s doctor if necessary to manage ongoing illness, for example Asthma.

Note: The Health Act 1956 requires instances of certain infectious diseases to be notified to the local Medical Officer of Health, so that public health prevention and control activities may occur. Contact your local Health Protection Officer (HPO) for more information about these diseases. Phone (09) 623 4600

No child or staff will be allowed to attend the Centre suffering from an infectious/communicable disease. In cases of the occurrence of an infectious disease in the centre whānau will be informed by way of verbal communication or centre notices.

Attached are a list of Infectious diseases and recommended exclusion periods as advised by the Ministry of Health (Code HE1215), and HS26 Infection control Ministry of Education.

Reference: Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 Regulation 46, Criteria HS26 – HS30