Exclusion of children or staff with infectious diseases from Early childhood Centers is sometimes necessary where there is potential for further spread of infection.


To keep children and adults safe from infection. To provide clarity to staff and whānau about the circumstances under which a child will be excluded.


Any person suffering from any illness listed on the Infectious Diseases Schedule issued by the Ministry of Health (HE1215) will be required to leave the centre as soon as possible. The Infectious Disease Schedule is attached to this policy, the Child Health Policy and on bathroom door.

Children should stay away when they are ill or unwell; or

>Have no interest in activities or play
>Have little energy – want or need sleep or rest for long periods
>Cry easily, are irritable or in pain
>Constantly want to be held and comforted
>Have a fever, temperature over 38 degrees
>Nose has a coloured discharge
>Have diarrhoea
>Have vomiting
>Have unidentified rash or spots
>Severe cough not linked to asthma
>Have conjunctivitis

An individual health management plan will be developed in consultation with parents and the child’s doctor if necessary to manage ongoing illness, for example Asthma.

Children must be symptom free for 48 hours and in the case of diarrhoea and have had a least one normal bowel motion before returning to the centre.

A child prescribed antibiotics for any illness should not return at least 24 hours after treatment has started.

We reserve the right to request a medical certificate from a health professional before allowing a child to return from illness.

Reference: Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 46 Licensing Criteria HS26 – HS30